About Us

The company, Sex Ed with A Twist was originally started years ago as an website offering information about sexuality online and a link to our Canadian Sex Toy Store and Home Party company.

However as of October 17, 2018 things have changed in Canada and we have updated Sex Ed with A Twist as our new business venture – offering Sex Toy Parties and Seminars with Cannabis Education.  And then in 2019 – I added Micro-Dosing Magic Mushrooms, hallucinogenics to our seminars and discussions

Recreational Cannabis is Legal in Canada and by adding a Cannabis Education portion to our Home Parties and became are huge success as Cannabis mixed with Sexuality can create positive results.

I hope in the future that Mushrooms and Hallucinogenics become legal as they can help so many women deal with sexual issues and menopause.

Sex Ed with a Twist Home Parties where we bring all the stock and products for you and your friends to learn, laugh and have a fun entertaining evening mixing Sex Toys, Cannabis and Hallucinogenics Education.

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Who is Laskamaria

Laska is just an average woman having a great time in this business and has been involved in this adult novelty industry for over 19 years and adding Cannabis and hallucinogenics education to our sex toy party model is a perfect fit for this changing environment of Legalized Cannabis and Recreational Drugs in Canada.

Laska opens your mind via her home party and seminar structure to think of options to help develop or improve your sex life with sex toys, sex positions and learn about the sexual benefits of Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms.

Sex Ed with a Twist is about joining Sex, Cannabis and Mushrooms together to improve everyone’s sex life and sexuality, so enjoy, read and become part of our group, via our Mailing List, Twitter and Facebook Accounts.

Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.