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An important part of working with prospects early in their buyer’s journey is educating them on the brand you represent and its products and services. Be sure to ask prospects questions to discover their needs, what they’re looking for, and what they are experiencing that might lead them to the products and services you represent. Be able to offer information about products and services that helps prospects make empowered purchase decisions. There is no singular moment when you go in for the close because, if you’re wise, sales closing is something that happens throughout the sales process.

what does a sales development representative do

So they make your company feel more transparent while they energize your prospect. Good SDRs have a specific set of skills that make them successful including being effective communicators, empathetic and having excellent product and industry knowledge. Resilience also means putting in effort until you’re 100% sure that the prospect does not need your solution. If you want to be a successful SDR, buck up and learn to take rejections in your stride. Good SDRs also know how to personalize their outreach and communication to make prospects feel valued.

What skills are important for a sales representative in a small business?

While sales and account executives often focus on closing deals in-house, sales development reps are responsible for reaching out to new leads and pushing them further down the sales funnel. Effective communication is critical for sales development representatives. They must be able to clearly convey the value proposition of their company’s products or services and build relationships with potential customers.

Each deal stage is an activity for the SDR to complete in outreach to a prospect. Organization is critical for salespeople, especially when managing a large volume of leads. These sites give information about the business and the prospect’s individual role and responsibilities.

Sales Development Representative (SDR): Definition and What the Job Is Like

Develop a great plan to make sure every SDR starts and trains the same. Read more about the SDR best practices in order to keep them focused and motivated to achieve sales goals. Your SDRs will have to manage a large volume of leads and relationships while they’re responding to your leads in a timely way.

what does a sales development representative do

Quick training doesn’t mean the SDR is thrown into the deep end, though. We believe a mentor-mentee training scheme is the best way to help sales development reps get settled in the new role. A sales development representative (SDR) is a sales rep whose job is to find pipeline through sales prospecting. Their main job is to connect with prospects on a one-to-one basis, e.g., through cold calling or via LinkedIn messaging. The fact that many sales development representatives are fresh into the job market works well for companies.

Organization and time management

Make sure to include insights and recommendations in your reports to encourage a culture of continuous improvement. We publish some of the industry’s best guidebooks on lead generation with real, proven strategies to grow business. You need an SDR who consistently pursues leads even when they’re rejected (within reason). An SDR should be resilient and keep a good head on their shoulders even if things don’t seem to be going in their favor. SDRs must also be able to deal with some level of rejection without being discouraged.

  • As a sales development representative, you work closely with the sales team to ensure the process of identifying, nurturing and closing deals is seamless.
  • Make sure to include insights and recommendations in your reports to encourage a culture of continuous improvement.
  • You need to be able to bring creativity and personality to whatever you do.
  • But a sales development representative’s career path isn’t always straightforward as some may think.
  • These might include trade shows, social media, conferences, online communities and forums, referrals from current customers, and social events.
  • Sales development reps are well-prepared to address any question or pain point the prospect has, then set the sales appointment with a member of your internal sales team.

Sales reps need to qualify leads and get certain questions answered. Prospects often need a few moments to collect their thoughts – and great SDRs give them those moments by consciously pausing (for at least 3 seconds) before speaking again. In-house product training is great for the basics, but sales reps need to go deeper to be effective. Sales development representatives are quality control for sales leads. They make sure that every lead has what they need and is a good customer fit before setting up the next steps. To connect with prospects, you’ll need to understand the best places to find your ideal customers.

What Does an SDR’s Daily Schedule Look Like?

Our agents will expertly reach, engage, and convert more qualified leads so you can see a higher ROI from your sales efforts. Plus, we can help you create a solid strategy that makes it easy for us to manage it all. Whether you just need some help with your outbound sales or you’re looking for a full-service outsourced solution for sales, communication, and more, we’ve got you covered. Another perk with outsourcing SDRs is that you’ll have access to an entire team of sales reps or as many as you need. When you hire in-house, you probably have to hire one or two people at a time, and that means it will take longer for your business to grow.

what does a sales development representative do

Therefore, it is important that the SDR has a proven record of success in sales. Every member of the sales team, including SDR, should be a good listener and identify customers’ key needs and pain points. The sales development rep is responsible to qualify as many leads as possible. Therefore, it is important to understand what the potential client needs and fulfill their requirements with the business products or services. This is the only way to find out whether these leads can become your clients.

And, of course, as more companies employ hybrid or remote work environments, video conferencing is also a common way of engaging with prospects. They are often the first person a prospect interacts with in the company, and the SDR is responsible for creating a good first impression. If you’re ready to streamline your operations and let the pros handle your SDR sales calls, consider a partnership with the 24/7 virtual receptionists at Our dedicated team will be able to assist with all kinds of outbound sales and support, outreach campaigns, and even things like lead screening and intake, appointment scheduling, and more.

what does a sales development representative do

Account executives close deals by proving the value of their solution to prospects, and they may also handle after-sales services in smaller companies. 💡 Don’t miss the chance to watch Patrick Connolly, Head of US Sales Development at Cognism, discuss what to look out for when hiring sales development representatives. Sales development reps’ tasks revolve around expanding the company’s customer base. It is usually an entry-level position in a sales department, so to start as a junior SDR, you don’t need a higher education degree. The benefit is getting to understand how companies get and convert potential customers into long-term happy customers. That is a skill and insight that helps everyone in a company regardless of their position.



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